Jafferjees History


Over 135 years ago, the Quettawala family established a business in the city of Quetta, then British India. Shortly afterwards, the product line expanded to include shoes, leather goods and leather upholstered furniture. Our commitment to using the finest materials and uncompromising workmanship never diminished, thus, the Jafferjees name gained a reputation for developing high quality leather goods in British India. In the late 1920’s, the booming port city of Karachi presented new opportunities and challenges, and a lone Jafferjee moved to Karachi. In 1935, the city of Quetta was destroyed by a massive earthquake. Hence, the Jafferjees business center shifted to Karachi. Fortunately, the commitment to detail, the use of finest materials and adherence to quality of workmanship was passed down through generations. We are proud to be the 5th generation to uphold such high quality standards.